Which is Your Preferred Drink On The Street?

Pepsi – A worthy rival to the Coca-Cola, always in a comfortable second on the street mainly due to its pricing policies and the product being a close substitute to most of NBC offerings Bigi Cola – The newest kid on the block easily the new king of the street.

They had an almost perfect strategy for the street, low pricing, coupled with an increased margin for the retailers with respect to other brands. It’s a double attack.

A retailer will always prefer you buy Bigi than any other product because he makes more money. So he’s always shoving it in your face and doesn’t really care for the rest of the brands.

The brand will have reduced returns to improve on the other aspects of business though like R&D, packaging etc.

Its however almost perfected its logistics in a very short period. The market penetration strategy is strong Coca-Cola – The ultimate soft drink in Nigeria.

Although losing its hold on the street, it’s still the preferred at most social events probably because of its perceived premium status.

Good Brand positioning by the way. What is lost on the street, it made up for in events Verdict – Bigi is king of the street Pepsi close second Coca-cola pivoted with Lacasera at a distance too.

Credits: Seyi Ojeleye

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Which is your preferred soft drink on the street?