Hymnodia: Breathing a Fresh Breath for Hymns

As a music lover, I tend to have the craziest taste in music, I mean how many people would listen to classical music and still love Juju, Highlife and Apala, Agidigbo, Ogene, Highlife, Afrobeat, Jazz, to name a few.
As a forty something year old I enjoy listening to Rap, Trap, R&B and boy do I love to dance.

But what as all of these got to do with Hymnodia?

And by the way what is Hymnodia?

I’ll attempt to answer you in a bit.

So I grew up, as An Anglican Kid in Surulere, my father’s elder brother was an Anglican Priest (God bless his soul) my family is predominantly Anglican and Hymns were an integral part of Worship.

Hardly would you walk in to an Anglican, Methodist, Baptist or Catholic Church without finding hymnals in the pews.

Morning devotions in Primary and Secondary schools were not complete without our Blue SOP (Songs of Praise), I remember several trips to “Baba-Odu Bookshop” On Adelabu Street Surulere to replace a “missing/stolen” copy.

So Hymns formed a beautiful part of my childhood, My Mum Still sings her favourite hymn without referring to an Hymn book till date.

Through the years i have noticed how Gospel artist have borrowed from “ancient” hymns, and how more modern forms of worship have become the norm.

Trust me, I love me some contemporary Gospel music, from the local to the foreign artistes.

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