How to Create a Brand Name for your Business

How does a name influence a brand or what is really in a name that makes a brand stand out?

Well, the power of a name cannot be over emphasized just like its value.

The question of the influence on a brand cannot be separated from each other because the identity of any brand or personality is in it’s identification hence it is safe to say that what distinct a product or service to another is the name!

Knowing fully well that a name is everything, what then is in a brand name? How do you develop or come up with a name to link your brand to your product or service so there is a connection?

As a common norm, most are cool to choosing a nickname to their offerings or an acronym of their names even some use their names while choosing their brand names but what is really best or ideal one may ask!

There is really no outright given on this as there are no wrongs either but it is great to have something that resonate round it all. In creating your choice brand name, the following are ideal:

  1. KISS your Name – Keep It Simple and Short. Using a descriptive name that is long enough to break the jaw can piss off prospects in calling or referrals for example, having something such as The Ideal Business.
  2. Think Outside the Box – Find a name that will appeal to your prospects’ or target market. Such can be metaphorical that will also bring a connection of feeling to your customers
  3. Consider the Context – Imagine a connection with your product/services and website or social media
  4. Develop a strategy and seek support from a consultant, if need be.
  5. Protect your name/Copyright it! – simple, copyright your name. If for any reason your brand name conflicts with another one especially a reputable one, you may be sued for theft or have legal battles so it is fine to have a good name that is better than gold!

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