Kaduna State Government Partners Arla Foods to Develop Dairy Products

The Kaduna State Government has signed an MoU with Arla Foods worth $100m to develop a long-term sustainable dairy industry and local dairy sector in Nigeria.

With this partnership, 1,000 small scale farmers will be helped to create better livelihoods.

With restriction on Forex looming, they are compelled by reason to get their milk in Nigeria just like they do in their Indian plant.

The project will “use modern tools to change livestock production from a culture into a business, sedentarise the nomads and promote jobs, economic development and security,” the Governor, El-Rufai tweeted.

Steen Hadsbjerg, Vice President Sub-Saharan Africa Region for Arla Foods reacted thus:” We will only succeed in growing local farmers’ incomes, building Nigeria’s dairy sector and achieving Arla’s ambitions in West Africa if the project and its activities are commercially viable.”

“This is a great example of business and development going hand in hand to ensure long-term sustainable solutions that are built to last,” he concluded.

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