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TECNO celebrates International Women’s Day in a Remarkable Way



For this year’s International Women’s Day, TECNO did not pass up on the opportunity to take a stand in a world where the achievements and challenges of women are as lauded as those of their male counterparts in a level playing field. 

In a video, they highlighted people who thrive in the gender roles assigned to the opposite sex both in the office and at home. 

There was a dad changing his baby’s diaper expertly, a female dispatch rider who handled her bike like a pro, a career lady who adeptly changed her flat tyre, a man whose haggling skills in the market will dethrone a typical African mother, a lady who systematically and neatly washed her car and a man whose cooking skills will get your tongue wagging.

This video was aimed at getting the minds of people out of the box that culture and social constructs have locked them in and into the brightness of enlightenment.

The video points to the fact that these supposed ‘gender’ roles are in fact, not gender-specific.

It shifts focus away from gender to getting things done when they need to be done regardless of the gender available at the time without unduly putting pressure on anyone.

While most brands still stand aloof and impersonal on societal issues, brands like TECNO speak up and take a stand.

The smartphone brand pays attention to issues/events that influence their fans and seamlessly become empathic or celebratory as the case might be. They never fail to lend their voice to a cause or sit on the fence concerning a commemorative event.

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To further drive this point home, TECNO asked a group of people to mention some roles they fill that are sometimes seen as strange or untraditional in the society. Very interesting statements came up like;

I cook while she watches TV #SoWhat?

I am a lady, I foot my bills always #SoWhat?

I cook for my girlfriend #SoWhat?

I can price more than my wife that they call me alaroro #SoWhat?

I report to a woman in the office #SoWhat?

I cook while she watches Telemundo #SoWhat?

My wife is on Instagram and I’m doing her laundry #SoWhat?

My wife bought the car I drive #SoWhat?

He cannot change his car tyre, but I can, and I do it #SoWhat?

We go on a date and she pays the bill #SoWhat?

Also, TECNO sat with people from different walks of life and discussed the effect of gender roles. Here is how it went.

Vincent, PR and Communications Manager

Q: Is it okay for a woman to pay when you are on a date?

Hmmm…Yes, actually. So honestly ehn, it’s used to be hard sha. As much as I know there’s no harm whatsoever, I’d always feel awkward every time it had to happen.

Sometimes a funny and long argument comes before I agree, if ever. Now, I see it like she’s getting me a gift, so I find it a cool and romantic gesture. It also gives me a feeling that “I’m not alone in this thing after all”!

Charles, Digital Marketing Executive

Q: If you get home from work before your wife, will you consider making dinner or she has to return from work and make it herself? What would you say about gender roles in the home?

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Of course, yes. I don’t always wait for her to come home before I make dinner. She works farther away from me than me and has to go through traffic almost every night.

The issue isn’t really who does what in my home. The issue is to get things done so that life will be as easy as possible for both of us. So, yes.

There are some specified roles between my wife and me, but sometimes that doesn’t matter. The goal is always to ensure that things are easy for each other regardless of who does what.

Efe, Communications Executive

Q: Why do you feel gender equality is important in the workplace?

At this point in the world, gender equality in the workplace is very important. It can’t be overemphasized. I feel like genders shouldn’t be seen.

If you employed me to fill a specific role, then whether or not I meet those KPIs of that role should be what is concentrated on and not my gender. So yes, gender equality is important in the workplace as it gives a level playing ground for growth to everyone.

Chinma, Digital Marketing Manager

Q: Do you feel like you operate in a male-dominated space and have to adhere to male-centric standards?

Do I feel I operate in a male-dominated space? Well, following the analysis online, Digital Marketing Industry is a male dominate industry, but do I have to adhere to a male-centric standard? Not all.

The industry is less about the people you work with and more about the people you are trying to reach and understanding consumer behavior. And because digital has a lot of different parts, It requires a lot of attention, a lot of innovation and efficiency.

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When it comes to such detailed skills required in this industry, you find them more in women: Creative, bold and active thinking. Women have more capacity in the field of problem-solving, they create alternatives and find creative ways of solving everyday problems and this increases productivity both and home and at work.

So when you have a skill that works, and yields a better result, why adhere to a particular standard “male-centric standard’’. I only standard in quote ‘’result-oriented standard.

Madam Eno, Data Expert

Q: How have you been able to combine your culturally assigned roles with your career duties over the years?

The secret is always a supportive and understanding spouse o! Madam Eno: When you have a supportive spouse, you will have the opportunity to concentrate on building a career because you’ll know when you drop the ball, he is there to pick it up and ensure that things run smoothly.

If, however, you have to always be so bothered about your affairs at home, it then becomes almost impossible to make anything of your career life.

These are interesting and eye-opening conversations that we hope will continue in homes and offices across the country and start a positive chain reaction.

I don’t recall International Women’s day being this interesting! TECNO always finds the classiest, most relatable ways to get a message said.



Promasidor Donates SunVita Cereal to Lagos Food Bank Initiative



Promasidor Nigeria Limited has donated SunVita cereal to Lagos Food Bank Initiative in support of the government’s effort to providing palliatives to the vulnerable during the Covid -19 Pandemic.

The three truckloads of SunVita cereal was handed over to the office of Lagos Food Bank Initiative as part of the company’s gesture to the fight against COVID-19.

Making the presentation to the organisation, Category Manager, Dairy and Cereal Promasidor Nigeria Ltd, Mr. Olayinka Vincent, who handed over the donation to the president of the organization Mr. Michael Sunbola reiterated the commitment of Promasidor Nigeria Limited to the provision of quality food products to Nigerians.

According to him, “With 2020 being a difficult year due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Promasidor is committed to supporting the government’s efforts at containing further spread of the virus, adding that though the company had initially made contributions worth over ₦200 million, there are still gaps to be filled and as a responsible company, Promasidor is ready to support the government.

He further stated that, SunVita cereal is produced from locally sourced grains like Soya and Maize and fortified with Nutri-V, a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that helps children grow smarter and stronger.”

Receiving the donation, President of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Mr. Michael Sunbola, assured that Promasidor’s goodwill will go a long way towards supporting the vulnerable within the society.

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He stated that his organization works with primary health care centres to reach and care for the vulnerable in Lagos State.

He thanked Promasidor profusely for their kind heartedness noting that the food supplies would be put to good use.

Promasidor was founded in 1979 by Robert Rose, who left the United Kingdom in 1957 for Zimbabwe to pursue his African dream.

It has since grown with presence in 25 African countries. Promasidor Nigeria has achieved tremendous growth since it commenced operations in 1993.

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Nestlé launches unique cooking website in Central and West Africa



Nestlé brand Maggi, has launched a first-of-its-kind website in Central and West Africa, offering fresh new twists to well-known African dishes.

It is also serving up a second season of Yelo Pèppè- its popular online nutrition education drama series on YouTube from June 8, 2020, following the success of Yelo Pèppè season one, which recorded over 20.3 million online views.

The brand’s latest launches, are just a few of the innovative ways Maggi is meeting its consumers’ digital and nutritional appetites, while also contributing to Nestlé’s purpose of enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

The website, which provides over 40 African recipes on an easy-to-use platform, can help families cook balanced and nutritious meals.

“Maggi innovates once more by providing different variations of beloved African dishes that offer something for every food lover,” said Dominique Allier, Business Executive Officer for Culinary at Nestlé Central and West Africa in an online press conference and launch of the website.

“We are proud to be the first region worldwide chosen by Maggi to launch this unique website”, he added.

The new website, which was built in collaboration with top African chefs, expert nutritionists and local food influencers, provides helpful tips in some recipes on how to boost your iron intake and balance dishes.

Also speaking, Akua Kwakwa, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Manager for Nestlé Central and West Africa, stated that,“As well as highlighting the importance of including nutritious diets in our daily lives with well-known family favourites, people across the globe now have easy access to traditional African recipes we know and love”.

“For people who are more concerned about sodium, saturated fat and added sugars, the website features the unique ‘MyMenuIQ™’ guide that illustrates how nutritionally-balanced each recipe is. The higher the score, the more balanced the meal is,” she added.

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GBfoods Partners CBN, Kebbi State to Complete $51 Million Tomato Processing Factory



GBfoods, a leading global culinary product manufacturer has partnered the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Kebbi State Government and the Emirate of Yauri to build a $51 million tomato processing factory in Kebbi State, Nigeria.

The factory is the second largest in Nigeria and, when all phases of the project are complete, it will be the largest fresh tomato processing factory in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The state-of-the-art facility and farm include a drip irrigation and fertigation infrastructure, greenhouses, seed planting robots, incubation chambers and agricultural machinery.

The factory will convert fresh tomatoes into concentrate for Gino’s Tomato Paste and Tomato Pepper Onion Paste.

Soya beans will also be grown to produce soya-bean oil, which is an essential ingredient in GBfoods’ Bama and Jago Mayonnaise.

The project has enabled over 1,000 jobs, including 500 farming positions, 150 factory jobs and 150 construction jobs.

GBfoods has also engaged with and trained smallholder farmers, and has supported local communities by providing and maintaining 16 boreholes of drinking water.

Vincent Egbe, country manager of GBfoods Nigeria said: “The opening of this processing factory is a great milestone for us. It further demonstrates the company’s commitment towards helping Nigeria achieve its food security ambitions, in this case, of self-sufficiency in tomato concentrate production.

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Additional land is expected to to be cleared and prepared in September 2020, in time for the October 2021 farming season.

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