2Sure Thrill Consumers, Launches New Disruptive ‘No Be Wash’ Campaign

Shortly after the successful launch of its ‘Be the Spec’ campaign and the unveiling of the top-rated TV show host, Ebuka, as its new ambassador, 2Sure Nigeria has launched a new disruptive ‘No be Wash’ campaign, assuring Nigerians that it is capable of delivering on all its promises for all-round germ protection and care.


The home and personal care brand, which offers maximum protection against germs for a clean, healthy skin, had consumers recount their real-life stories about unfulfilled promises, shared through relatable conversations on social media in a viral #Nawash series.


Riding on the viral conversation, 2Sure, in its ingenious fashion of breaking campaigns and integrating itself into topical discussions, introduced its new jingle with lyrics that reiterate the intentionality of the brand to deliver as promised and always ensure authenticity.

2Sure seemed to start off with a teaser by encouraging consumers to explore the challenges in a fun way, in order to uncover the distrust unfulfilled promises, create. The campaign and the conversations have highlighted the need for intentionality at delivering on expectations while assuring Nigerians of the brand’s commitment to fulfil its promise no matter the situation.

Having set an antecedent for coming through for Nigerians in sensitive times, especially since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, there is no doubt that 2Sure prioritizes the Nigerian people and their well-being.

2Sure continues to deliver on its promise to improve health and well-being and give Nigerians the confidence to live well today and in the future.

We look forward to more exciting campaigns and thought-provoking conversations from the fast-rising home and personal care brand, 2Sure.

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