Hypo Introduces New 200ml Bleach Sachet

Hypo Homecare Products Ltd has introduced a new bleach sachet in 200ml size that easily delivers on the promise of covering more usage occasions, stemming from the need to use less to achieve more.

Hypo Bleach, the number one whitening and hygiene promoting brand in Nigeria, has just unveiled a new SKU, also known as a “convenience pack,” to the public. It is yet another functional innovation that has emerged to address the desires of a critical market segment.

It will be remembered that in 2011, Hypo Homecare Products Ltd was the first to introduce Bleach in 75ml sachet to the Nigerian market, among other sizes, decentralizing the idea of bleach only being available to a class of society while making whitening and hygiene maintenance practice affordable for all.

Mr. Akintayo Akinseloyin, Brand Manager, elaborated on the rationale for the new size, saying, “in our customer research, we discovered that there was a huge gap between 75ml and 500ml SKUs.” Because most consumers buy and use two to three 75ml sachets on a single occasion, the newly introduced 200ml shall key in conveniently and perfectly serving for the customers.

It also allows for the possibility of serving multiple occasions with a single pack. In other words, the new 200 ml larger pack allows consumers to disinfect, whiten, and clean surfaces all in one convenient package.

This is also useful for those who do not want to use bottles but have a large amount of whitening and disinfection to do around the house.

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