Instagram User Takes Pleasant Experience With Mouka Pillow

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On the 22nd of April, 2019, at an event organised by Mouka Ltd, Nigeria’s foremost foam manufacturer, give-away Mouka branded pillows were distributed to many who had honoured the occasion.

A social media user who was in attendance and had received a give-away pillow after using the pillow, took to her Instagram handle on 26th April, 2019, to relay her pleasant experience with the foam manufacturer’s product.

The social media user that goes by the username, which begins with “fa” could not conceal her admiration for the brand over its pillow’s ability to not only occasion sleep but to also enhance quality sleep.

The user considered the alarm clock unable to do the job of alerting her to the dawning of a new day as in her words, the ‘soft’, ‘fluffy’, ‘tender’ ‘comfy’ nature of the Mouka branded pillow, among other pleasant factors emanating from the use of the Mouka brand, had combined to thrill and captivate her senses, boosting her sleep in the process.

She ended up calling on all who want to get a good sleep to consider Mouka pillows as the best deal. Do we call this a justification of Mouka’s adding comfort to life payoff?

Perhaps, this lays credence to the brand’s claim that it is the owner of sleep in Nigeria’s bedding industry.

Mouka’s chief executive officer, Raymond Murphy told a gathering in Lagos early April, that the results of an independent survey clearly showed that Mouka owns sleep in Nigeria. Mouka’s helmsman went further to state that he wasn’t echoing his personal opinion, but the collective view of the people as captured in the survey.

And this view is still being expressed in different shades and forms by various users of Mouka products

Mouka continues to stand out from other competing brands by a dint of innovation. Mouka’s combination of finesse and innovative production techniques is redefining Nigeria’s bedding industry in a manner never witnessed before.

No wonder, the indigenous manufacturer was on two consecutive occasions, named a company to inspire Africa by the London Stock Exchange Group, a feat, not too many in the Nigerian business environment and indeed Africa can boast.

Lately, Mouka took its business of adding comfort to life to another pedestal with the unveiling of its repellents. The repellents with the brand name, Mouka Mozzi hold the prospects of being the best ever seen in the industry.

Mouka Mozzi repels mosquitoes, and also provides protection from bedbugs, mould, bacteria spores, spiders, cockroaches and dust mites.

With each application, a consumer can enjoy 24 hours protection for up to 3 months which is not possible with insecticides.

Dr Omoniyi Yemitan, who conducted the chemical evaluation, efficacy and toxicological assessment of Mouka Mozzi, endorsed the products as safe for all members of the family including pregnant women and young children.

Dr Yemitan, who is of the Department of Pharmacology, Therapeutic and Toxicology at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, explained that the active ingredient in Mouka Mozzi is extracted from plants which makes it non-hazardous for humans.

The products constitute an innovation which clearly depicts Mouka as a company, not only concerned about making profits but also conscious of the welfare of the users of its products.

And according to Mouka’s Raymond Murphy, this is only a tip of the iceberg as it relates to his brand’s offerings on the Nigerian market. Isn’t Mouka truly the owner of sleep in Africa’s most populous country and therefore worthy of the accolades it is currently enjoying?

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