Mouka, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy, Advocates Quality Sleep For Mental and Physical Health During Ramadan

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Mouka, market leader in Nigeria’s sleep industry, salutes Muslim faithfuls across the nation in commemoration of Ramadan.

The foremost company is partnering with the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy to raise awareness for the importance of quality sleep as a bedrock for overall mental and physical health during the holy month.

Dr. Usman Abba Ahmed, (PT), Ph.D., MNSP, the Vice President of the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy shared his views on the importance of quality sleep during Ramadan.

He said, “Having a good quality sleep during Ramadan fasting will make you healthy and productive during the daytime. Adults should strive to have the recommended hours of quality sleep daily, even during Ramadan”.

Dr Usman added that quality sleep is impossible without a good quality mattress and pillow. According to him, the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) recommends Mouka mattresses and pillows for quality sleep, especially during Ramadan. NSP has evaluated Mouka’s manufacturing processes and is very confident that its products meet international standards. Hence, Muslim faithfuls are encouraged to sleep on Mouka products to maintain physical and mental fitness during Ramadan.

The foundation of Mouka was laid in 1959 when the scion of the Faiz Moukarim family of Lebanese origin started the Moukarim Metalwood factory in Kano to manufacture furniture and iron beds.

In December 2022, Mouka made a smooth transition for sustainable market leadership, changing ownership to Dolidol, market leader in the sleep industry of Francophone Africa based out of Morocco.

The company boasts of 3 world-class manufacturing plants in Kaduna, Lagos and Benin, supported by depots across Nigeria to service its trade partners.

With over 3,000 branded outlets, Mouka is the most widely distributed bedding brand in Nigeria.

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