Mouka Rewards Kids in Dreamtime Competition, Receives Consumers First Choice Brand Award

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Mouka, Nigeria’s leading brand of mattresses and other bedding products is raising awareness for the importance of quality sleep to the cognitive development of children. In its ongoing campaign, “Quality Sleep Smarter Kids”, Mouka is rewarding children with fabulous prizes for their display of smartness.

The frontline company has reiterated its resolve to ensuring kids imbibe a quality sleep culture from an early age with its Dreamtime water-resistant mattress.

To participate in the “Dreamtime Quality Sleep Smarter Kids competition”, parents are requested to record a short video of their child asking a smart question, upload the video and tag @Moukalimited, using the hashtag #QualitySleepSmarterKids and #MoukaDreamtime. Prizes include Kiddie Tablets and Dreamtime Goodie Bags.

The company which produces quality brands such as the Wellbeing Orthopaedic mattresses, Mondeo Plus spring mattress, and a wide range of pillows, recently received the award as Consumers First Choice Mattress/Most loved Foam Brand 2020.

The Chief Executive Officer, Consumers Choice Nigeria, Auscar Ikoro, said Mouka emerged winner in its category in a recently concluded brand perception survey, which saw the company attaining 52.4 percent of the total respondents, while other brands shared 47.6 percent.

He affirmed that Mouka’s quality brands are unique with a broader consumer appeal than others, which places the company ahead of its competitors in its industry.

Commending the organiser for the award, the Chief Executive Officer of Mouka, Raymond Murphy, said the company would continue in its giant stride in ensuring consumers’ wellbeing by providing quality sleep solutions.

He pointed out that the company has significantly invested in equipping its world-class factories to ensure Mouka products are top quality and specially crafted to meet consumers needs, Murphy stated.

As a promoter of quality sleep culture, Mouka recently collaborated with the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) to raise awareness for the importance of a healthy sleep culture in boosting immunity, especially during a pandemic.

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