Nigerian Idol, Sponsored by Bigi Drinks, Heats Up with Contestants Outstanding Performances of Reggae and Pop Music Genres

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The remaining four contestants on the popular Nigerian Idol have demonstrated that the display of exceptional talent is the only way to the next show and ultimately, the prize, as they thrilled with songs from the reggae and pop music genres.

This week’s episode started with a group performance of the song “One Love” by Bob Marley, a delightful session that was trailed with praises from the judges.

As usual, Kingdom Kroseide wowed the judges with his stunning performance as he did “Holy Spirit” by Majek Fashek and James Brown’s “It’s a man’s world,” with a standing ovation from DJ Sose who could not hide his love for his stage control and confidence.

Praise Ugbede Adejo, popularly known as Praiz, a guest judge, and a multi-award-winning Rhythm and Blues singer commended Kingdom for performing wonderfully. “I am excited, you killed the song, you wowed me and it shows who you are, don’t play safe,” while the elated DJ Sose affirmed, “You just brought the song to Nigeria.”

Not left out was Seyi Shay, who showered praises on him saying “I know it in my spirit, you are the strongest R&B singer of the show, and you have never failed me.”

Also on the show was Francis Atela who put up a captivating stage performance, with “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing”. DJ Sose was thrilled, saying “You Killed it, amazing good job,” and Seyi on his reggae lyrics “It sounded so spiritual, not Jamaican but Nigerian, you brought the music home,” while Praiz put forward “I love your tone, control, and great performance.”

Obi Asika eulogized him saying “You look good, amazing, you killed the song,” and with Seyi’s tantalizing words “You do justice to every song, your voice is unique and that was a great performance” Francis left the stage with much encouragement for the next episode.

It was a moment of excitement, ignited by the display of incredible talents, as Akunna also set the stage on fire with “It wasn’t me” by Shaggy and Adele’s “fire to the rain”, while Comfort Alalade did “Natural woman” by Aretha Franklin and “Could you be loved ” by Bob Marley.

With all the intrigues for the next episode on June 27, Faith Onyeje could not perform because of his eviction from the show as a result of gathering the least votes from viewers.

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