Outdoor Restaurant, Uncle Vinnies, Opens in Ikeja, Lagos

With the to provide unique, healthy palatable continental dishes with fun and games, Uncle Vinnies, the popular outdoor restaurant that provides a healthy environment for relaxation and family bonding has launched its new outlet.

The new outlet opened at LSPCD in the heart of Lagos, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos brought to five, outlets in Lagos by the restaurant.

The restaurant, which started started out at Victoria Garden City, Lekki, boasts of the best hands that packages the delivery of on-the spot edibles as well as take-aways and phone-orders.

Its attraction is not just in the breakfast, lunch and dinner but also in the ambience, serenaded with nature which does not only enhance a healthy environment but eases relaxation and digestion.

Food varieties such as burger, pizza, snacks, ice shakes, beverages and the popular ugba and cassava with ugwu leaves, a winner in the African Salad Category are choice on the menu.

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