PZ Wilmar Expands Market, Introduces Devon King’s Low-Fat Spread

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PZ Wilmar, manufacturers of Devon King’s Oil, has introduced Devon King’s Low-Fat Spread into the Nigerian market.

The company in a statement said the introduction is part of its commitment to promote a nutritious lifestyle among its customers.

It added that it would continue to prioritise areas such as easy accessibility and affordability of its products

Head of Marketing, PZ Wilmar, Chioma Mbanugo, said,

“At Devon King’s, our purpose is to keep consumers healthy and happy with great tasting, nutritious products, enriched with vitamins and provide consumers with incredible creaminess, building on the excellent taste that binds.

Now, we are excited to launch a new member into the Devon King’s family, the Devon King’s Low-Fat Spread which comes in a creamy texture and gives that yummy buttery taste for a delightful breakfast and bites like bread, Biscuits, crackers and snacks.”

“We prioritize areas such as easy accessibility and affordability for Devon King’s brand, therefore, the Devon King’s Low-Fat Spread has been produced, and distributed in various economical packs to meet the needs of various social classes, despite urbanisation, rapid increase in population, indulgence and a growing number of confectionery establishments emerging across the country,” Chioma said.

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