Trophy Extra Special Stout Unveils New 440ml Can and Brand Ambassadors

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Trophy Extra Special Stout just unveiled its 440ml Can alongside 3 new Brand Ambassadors.

It started with some fun teasers on social media asking who fans would love to join the Extra Special family. It saw a big turnout as fans went on a frenzy, naming who the silhouettes were. It also gave a hint that a new pack was hitting the market soon.

Made Kuti, Tasha and Simi Drey are the new Extra Special faces that will be joining Innocent ‘Tubaba’ Dibia, the current Brand Ambassador.

Since its launch in the Nigerian market, the premium stout, Trophy Extra Special Stout has proven to be Extra Special as it dared all odds to launch during the lockdown and has consistently pushed the bar with innovative, strategic positioning using unique brand narratives and a keen eye for creativity. Since then, it has grown exponentially and is still growing fast.

According to the Marketing Manager, Bamise Oyegbami, the new incredible cans are very desirable as it is convenient to carry about especially for outdoor occasions, ensuring that consumers will be able to create Extra Special Moments no matter the place.

Trophy Extra Special Stout positions itself as an Incredible Stout out of Naija, giving Nigerians a reason to be proud. Since its inception, they have promoted the uniqueness of Nigerians coming up with innovative events, never seen in the Nigerian market like the International Stout festival and Trophy Extra Special Band, both, annual events that are first of their kind in Nigeria.

It is obvious that Trophy Extra Special Stout means serious business in a market dominated by a senior player.

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