Why Fintechs Companies are Striving in Nigeria – Mike Oshadami

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Fintech, or financial technology companies, are thriving in Nigeria for several reasons:

Large unbanked population: Nigeria has a large unbanked population, which means many people do not have access to traditional banking services.

Fintechs have been able to fill this gap by providing digital financial services that are more accessible and affordable.

Growing middle class: Nigeria’s middle class is growing, and many people in this demographic are looking for more
sophisticated financial products and services.

Fintechs have been able to cater to this demand with innovative solutions such as online payment platforms, mobile banking apps, and investment platforms.

Government support: The Nigerian government has shown support for the
fintech industry, recognizing its potential to drive financial inclusion and economic growth.

Initiatives such as the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Cashless Policy have helped to create an enabling environment for fintech to operate.

Mobile phone penetration: Nigeria has a high rate of mobile phone penetration, with many people using their phones for financial transactions.

Fintechs have been able to leverage this trend by developing mobile-based financial services that are accessible to a wider range of people.

Entrepreneurial spirit: Nigeria has
strong entrepreneurial culture, with many people looking for innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Fintechs have been able to tap into this spirit by developing solutions that are tailored to the needs of the Nigerian market.

Overall, the combination of a large unbanked population, a growing middle class, government support, high mobile phone penetration, and an entrepreneurial culture have all contributed to the success of fintech in Nigeria

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