Why Many Soft Drink Brands Now Come In Sleek Can

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If you have been attending events and parties regularly or you have been frequenting fast food restaurants, you would have noticed something different about canned carbonated soft drinks in Nigeria.

It has taken a new look and some of the most popular brands are now opting for this new ‘sleek’ package. Of course, change is the only inevitable idea and when it comes to brands packaging, idea rules the world. Some of our best-loved drinks have had a shape up in time for summer.

Here are some of the eye-opening discoveries that we made during the research, enjoy.


Originally, all CSDs where packaged in bottles. In the early days of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Seven-Up, Tandi, Gold Spot, Mirinda and other brands. And then, there came period when the bottles were upgraded into Can and Pet. Right now, the bottles are gradually facing out for Pet and Can and the Can has been the in-thing and has even been upgraded.

The shape was considered ‘sleek’ and ‘stylish’ and was found to be easy to carry and nice to hold. The new Sleek Can will also contribute to Coca-Cola’s journey towards a World Without Waste, by enabling the introduction of more sustainable secondary packaging for multi-pack cans.

12oz Sleek Brite cans are a becoming a new favorite among canned-beverage packaging solutions. They are lightweight, portable, chill quickly, reduce the risk of breakage and offer 360-degree branding opportunities. … Sleek cans are perfect for seltzers, cold brew, etc.


Cans also come in different styles: … Slim – thinner than the standard can, slim cans are often used for smaller serving sizes and loved by healthy-for-you brands. Sleek – trendy and modern, often used by brands to stand out on the shelves or differentiate unique products, like sparkling water and canned cocktails.


Fayrouz, a premium soft drink from the portfolio of Nigerian Breweries Plc was the first to unveil the new sleek 33cl can at an exclusive event that took place at the RSVP Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The launch campaign which was tagged ‘Find Your Difference’, celebrates drinkers who thirst for excitement and innovation, with the aim to be special and set the winning difference that makes them exceptional.

Speaking with Journalists, Portfolio Manager, Non-Alcoholic Brands, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Ngozi Nkwoji said, “With the unconventional refreshing blend of great-tasting malt and natural fruit flavour, Fayrouz has always differentiated itself from other soft drink brands, and stands out as the only soft drink with 100% natural ingredients. Our new sleek can looks cooler, fashionable and innovative as it is the only soft drink in Nigeria with this sleek design”.

“We are expanding the options for Fayrouz drinkers across the country, while still maintaining its unique formulation of malt and sparkling water,” she said.

Fayrouz is a premium sparkling soft drink for the discerning, matured consumer, and is very popular for its smooth, well-balanced fruit flavours that blend beautifully with different elements that make up the perfect cocktail. The new 33cl Fayrouz sleek can drink is also available in exclusive Citrus and Pineapple flavours.


Recently, the premium malt brand, Amstel Malta, announced its relaunch with a stylish new look and the introduction of new Amstel Malta Ultra – a non-alcoholic malt drink with no added sugar; the latest addition to the Amstel family and the first of its kind in the category.

Let’s hail the latest addition to the Amstel Malta Family “Amstel Malta Ultra” the first no added sugar malt and the first malt drink in a sleek can uniquely designed to fit the lifestyle of health-conscious Nigerians, fitness enthusiasts, and people who want a light and refreshing malt diet.

Amstel Malta Ultra is the perfect choice for those who want to live life to the fullest while staying healthy. As the first no added sugar malt drink, Amstel Malta Ultra becomes the malt drink with the lowest calorie content in Nigeria. And the first malt drink in Nigeria in a sleek can, Amstel Malta Ultra’s irresistible look is set to take the market by storm.

The Nigerian Bottling Company has announced the roll-out of Schweppes in new, sleek cans in efforts to strengthen its category leadership and offer premium refreshment to millions of Nigerians.

Commenting on the newest addition to the robust Coca-Cola portfolio, Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Mr. Ekuma Eze, said the Consumer-Packaged Goods Company prioritizes not only consumers’ evolving tastes and preferences, but also committed to deepening happiness at critical consumers’ touch points.

“Our mission is to create unparalleled experiences for millions of Nigerians, while leveraging innovations in a way that deepens consumer satisfaction and promotes sustainability of the environment. The new sleek cans also reflect the huge premium we place on product quality and consumer safety as we consolidate our leadership in the non-alcoholic beverage market,” he said.

Ekuma noted that NBC, which unveiled its high-speed canning line in August, was committed to scaling its production capacity for canned products to refresh Nigerians across the country.

Slimmer Than The Average

Launching across a huge range of our brands including Coca Cola Zero Sugar, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta, these new slimmer, taller cans represent the most significant evolution of our packaging for more than 70 years.

The redesign also celebrates a new milestone in Coca Cola’s history and crucially, every drink transitioning over to the ‘Sleek Can’ design will have exactly the same 330ml measure of your favourite drinks inside.

Moving towards a World Without Waste

But there’s more going on here than pure aesthetics. The move to Sleek Cans will also help Coca-Cola on our journey to a World Without Waste, as the transition will enable the move to cardboard solutions for our multi-pack cans later this year, which will save 620 tones of shrink wrap plastic every year. So, a new look, a saving on plastic on the cards, and the same great taste for your favourite drinks

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