Here at BrandsNews, we believe in showcasing and telling about your products and services in the best absolute way in the industry.

We publish the latest articles, opinions and analysis on brands and promotional content that invokes patronage and improves your visibility and acceptance.

Our Mission

BrandsNews is positioned to carve a niche and become the number one authority in brands news reporting.

Our Goal

The primary goal and targets of BrandsNews are the brands, marketers, public relations agencies and activation companies especially those who wish to showcase their products and services to a larger audience. BrandsNews will be reporting across the various sectors and interests with a balance that will make for true and representative brands reports.

Partner With Us

We are passionate about connecting you and your brand to a wide reaching audience across all facets of life. Simply say We INFORM, ENGAGE, REMIND, PERSUADE and CONVERT!

Our audience maintain a distinctive lifestyle and the engagements cut across the the globe, connecting different countries. We offer a wide-ranging of reaching our audience directly using these media

  • Sponsored content (native advertising),
  • Targeted banner ads,
  • Email marketing
  • Bulk SMS and much more.


Your Advantage

You don’t have to go to the trouble of setting up multiple channels to reach your audience.

Our platform is colourful and enriched with well researched reports. We go the extra mile to give you the very best of brands news, analysis and market reports and we are poised to connect your brand to the required audience – your customers and other target market.

From Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, we are simply connecting brands to the world so commission us now to do the “work” for you.