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Chief Patrick Anegbe has been appointed as the chairman of the Food, Beverage and Tobacco (FBT), an offshoot of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN).

Prior to his appointment, Anegbe is the sitting MD/CEO at Intercontinental Distillers Limited (IDL) a key player in the food and beverage sector.
Anegbe will hold the new office alongside his position as the President, Association of Food, Beverages and Tobacco Employers as well as the Chairman, Blenders and Distillers Association of Nigeria, a sub-sectoral group of MAN, a press release made available to the Nigerian Tribune reported.

He attended Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, where he obtained a Higher National Diploma (HND), in Electrical Engineering, Power/Machines options.

He also bagged a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, Lagos State also an alumnus of Lagos Business School, Pan African University; IESE Business School; Barcelona; Spain; Harvard Law School, USA; University of Chicago Booth School of Business, USA; IMD Business School, Brazil among others.

With the to provide unique, healthy palatable continental dishes with fun and games, Uncle Vinnies, the popular outdoor restaurant that provides a healthy environment for relaxation and family bonding has launched its new outlet.
The new outlet opened at LSPCD in the heart of Lagos, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos brought to five, outlets in Lagos by the restaurant.

The restaurant, which started started out at Victoria Garden City, Lekki, boasts of the best hands that packages the delivery of on-the spot edibles as well as take-aways and phone-orders.

Its attraction is not just in the breakfast, lunch and dinner but also in the ambience, serenaded with nature which does not only enhance a healthy environment but eases relaxation and digestion.

Food varieties such as burger, pizza, snacks, ice shakes, beverages and the popular ugba and cassava with ugwu leaves, a winner in the African Salad Category are choice on the menu.

The Kaduna State Government has signed an MoU with Arla Foods worth $100m to develop a long-term sustainable dairy industry and local dairy sector in Nigeria.

With this partnership, 1,000 small scale farmers will be helped to create better livelihoods.

With restriction on Forex looming, they are compelled by reason to get their milk in Nigeria just like they do in their Indian plant.

The project will "use modern tools to change livestock production from a culture into a business, sedentarise the nomads and promote jobs, economic development and security," the Governor, El-Rufai tweeted.

Steen Hadsbjerg, Vice President Sub-Saharan Africa Region for Arla Foods reacted thus:" We will only succeed in growing local farmers’ incomes, building Nigeria’s dairy sector and achieving Arla’s ambitions in West Africa if the project and its activities are commercially viable."

"This is a great example of business and development going hand in hand to ensure long-term sustainable solutions that are built to last,” he concluded.

A 22 year old hairstylist, Doris Irikefe has won Nescafé's 1st brand new JAC S3 SUV in the on-going Nescafé Get Started Promo.

The elated Doris who could not contain her joy and noted that the Promo is not a scam but real which has brought her the car. Her mother, Gloria, who usually see the promo on TV but had no thought of it being real until her daughter informed her.

To win the car, Doris had on regular basis bought the coffee brand and had won herself 500 Naira recharge card and was not deterred till she now hit the jackpot.

To participate in the promo, follow the steps below:

  1. Buy a Nescafé 3 in 1 10 sachet pouch with a scratch card
  2. Scratch the card to reveal the Promo code
  3. Activate code by dialling *347*400*(8 digit number on the scratch panel)#.
  4. With loads of airtime and cash prizes to go round, everyone is a winner.

Foremost indigenous and the largest Quick Service Restaurant business in West Africa, Mr Bigg's, has hyped up its service by remodeling its restaurants in a new initiative aimed at positively redefining the lifestyle of its numerous customers.

The restaurant which is currently run by UAC Restaurants Limited an arm of UACN of Nigeria is remodeling into a scintillating go-to restaurant of high value lifestyle.

It will excite you that the 33 year old outfit with over 100 restaurants in Nigeria is not legging go of challenging the new generation restaurants by raising its customer service to a new level.

Mr Bigg’s story started as fully company owned before it transformed into partial franchise, and later full franchise and in 2012, UAC Restaurants adopted a full franchising business model making it the first to establish Franchise restaurants in order to grow the brand’s footprint and equity.

The Marketing Manager of UACN Restaurants, Mrs Ethel Mba, narrated that the approach promises to sustain excellence in wide variety of dishes, Patries and Confectionaries to the delight of its teeming consumers, which is the heritage of Mr Bigg’s.

During a media tour of some restaurants, Mba, at Northwest Filling Station, VGC, Lekki, Lagos pointed out that the VGC restaurant which was opened on the 9th of July, 2019 will remain the ‘signature poster’ for all the other restaurants in the new concept, aimed at bringing world class meal experience for Nigeria consumers with regards to customer service and restaurant ambiance.

Also new restaurants are expected to spring up in Festac town and Abule Egba very soon.

She was quoted as saying: “The new restaurants will be patterned after the structure of the Northwest restaurant by VGC to deliver high-quality food and good ambience as the basic standard. The menu offering will be aimed at providing wide variety of choices to meet the customer tastes and trends.

During the tour, a customer who walked in, Mrs Gbemisola Lekan with her children shared profound memories of her mother's cooking and pointed out that a good family restaurant is one that offers delicious food that reminds people of the favorite meals.

She reminisced Mr Bigg's meat and chicken pies and their scotch eggs which are still the best and legendary.

The Mr Bigg's history began with the coffee shops inside Kingsway Department Stores in the 1960s. and in 1973, these shops were rebranded as Kingsway Rendezvous, which became Mr Bigg's in 1986. The chain saw rapid expansion after becoming one of the first Nigerian companies to sell franchises to investors.

And in 2012, UAC Restaurants adopted a full franchising business model making it the first to establish Franchise restaurants in order to grow the brand’s footprint and equity.

However, UAC Restaurants Ltd has since then owned and operated quick service restaurants with a range of products including her signature Meat pie, Chicken pie & Beef roll, Rice and Peppered Chicken, Ice cream, Pizza, and locals meals.

How does a name influence a brand or what is really in a name that makes a brand stand out?

Well, the power of a name cannot be over emphasized just like its value.

The question of the influence on a brand cannot be separated from each other because the identity of any brand or personality is in it’s identification hence it is safe to say that what distinct a product or service to another is the name!

Knowing fully well that a name is everything, what then is in a brand name? How do you develop or come up with a name to link your brand to your product or service so there is a connection?

As a common norm, most are cool to choosing a nickname to their offerings or an acronym of their names even some use their names while choosing their brand names but what is really best or ideal one may ask!

There is really no outright given on this as there are no wrongs either but it is great to have something that resonate round it all. In creating your choice brand name, the following are ideal:

  1. KISS your Name – Keep It Simple and Short. Using a descriptive name that is long enough to break the jaw can piss off prospects in calling or referrals for example, having something such as The Ideal Business.
  2. Think Outside the Box – Find a name that will appeal to your prospects’ or target market. Such can be metaphorical that will also bring a connection of feeling to your customers
  3. Consider the Context – Imagine a connection with your product/services and website or social media
  4. Develop a strategy and seek support from a consultant, if need be.
  5. Protect your name/Copyright it! – simple, copyright your name. If for any reason your brand name conflicts with another one especially a reputable one, you may be sued for theft or have legal battles so it is fine to have a good name that is better than gold!

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