Customer Review Of TSTV Services

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  • This is not from a TSTV agent
  • Just a customer who has used DStv and TSTV. Everything here is my personal assessment.
  • It is not meant to discredit on over another but to give a fairly balanced review of both


So I have been subscribing DStv since 2015 and gradually up graded to compact plus with xtra view which cost me a total of 14,900 monthly

I was particularly impressed with DStv rewind and pause feature on explora and the information icon for programs being aired

However, I was getting worried with the consistent increase in price of the bouquet i was on and the diminished satisfaction derived from their services

Like many of us, we would grumble about tariff hike and still go and queue up to pay for the next month subscription.

So one day, I just vex cut chain and stopped my DStv subscription and went to buy TSTV


I got my TSTV decode , remote control and dish for 18k since January and started enjoying their services

They have over 100 channels which covers
Very recent movies, both local and international showing recent movies, lovely music channels, many lovely educative children channels include Tom and Jerry channel (for those young at heart), religious channels, soap opera channels , sport channels and several others

Once u put on the decoder, u just wait for a few seconds and it’s on unlike dstv that u have to wait for long

I am not very keen on football so I don’t watch much of foot ball but I was told free sport channel shows live football.

DStv has the edge with sports channels showing uefa champions football and likes
But so far so good I am enjoying TSTV

Since I subscribed in January , I have not paid shi shi since. I had to call the customer care to ask what’s up. Them say no problem, make I just dey enjoy they go


  • Some channels cost one naira or two naira a day while some are free
  • You can choose the channels you want and pay for that but if u want everything they are offering its not more than 4k
  • Once u pay 18k, u get the decoder, dish and remote and the channels for a least a month, however ,since I have been enjoying it for 3 months free of charge
  • If you are travelling, you can pause ur subscription by informing the customer care
  • Some of the channels are High Definition

According to them, you can get their channels in any part of the country. However I do not know if they have accredited dealers in all part of the country.

  • If you have any inquires you can go to their website
  • Very pocket friendly.


  • No pause and rewind option
  • No UEFA champion match

Few channels have the info option to tell u the name and summary of a program being aired.

– Tuoyo Ojo

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