GBFoods Relaunches Bama Mayonnaise

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Bama Mayonnaise, leading mayonnaise brand from the portfolio of global culinary leaders, GBfoods has recently completed its state-of-the-art production factory in Sango, Ogun State.

The factory which will support the local manufacturing of Bama mayonnaise, with its original recipe successfully rolled out its first batch of products to the Nigerian market recently.

This investment is an added assurance of GBfoods’ commitment to continually contribute to Nigeria’s economic and social development through the localization of its products.

The factory draws from a blend of GBfoods rich global practices and regional experiences to support consumers’ growing needs, whilst highlighting the opportunity for their communities to be a part of the long-standing heritage.

This will, in turn, make Nigeria a key export hub for Africa and will further lead to the creation of jobs and the development of human capital in the country.

The CEO of GBfoods Africa, Mr. Vicenç Bosch reiterated Bama’s commitment to maintaining its original recipe developed over 80 years ago in the United States of America while being produced in Nigeria.

He said, “The tradition and origin of American recipes is what makes Bama unique and superior in comparison with our competitors”.

Mr. Vicenç Bosch further went on to state “Our priority when building this international standard production facility in Nigeria was to make sure we were able to meet the demands of our customers, not only in Nigeria but also in other African countries”.

In addition to the new factory, the company has also unveiled a new packaging design, featuring a quality stamp to reiterate the product’s category-leading position, and to emphasize its superior quality and taste to consumers.

With the quality stamp feature, customers are now able to identify and purchase original Bama products. The new design stays true to the corporate colors, brand characters, and label art that is synonymous with Bama Mayonnaise while making the shelf presence and overall impact much stronger.

Bama’s superior formula and product have been uniquely put to the test, delivering a smooth texture and mouthwatering creamy experience to deliver the taste which spreads moments of love to all its consumers.

Speaking on the commissioning of the factory, Mr. Vincent Egbe, the Managing Director, GBfoods Africa, Nigeria Business Unit said, “Our growth and expansion plans for Nigeria are long-term and this investment is a testament to the industrial and infrastructural advancement that GBfoods is bringing not only to Nigeria but to Africa as a whole, we aim to make Nigeria an archetype in food security and also to become the food basket of Africa”.

“Over the last couple of years, one of the things that we have ensured is to establish Bama as the gold standard of Mayonnaise, not just in Nigeria but across Africa. Our quality commitment to our product means that our customers and our consumers know that they are getting the very best mayonnaise product developed in the USA, designed and produced in Nigeria”, Mr. Egbe added.

“Bama as known has continued to deliver the best premium quality mayonnaise to the Nigerian market”.

According to Cletus Onyebuoha, the Business Unit Marketing Director, GBfoods Africa, “Bama is a trusted symbol of love with consumers. Scoop and spread it on your bread or vegetables, you’ll enjoy the same premium quality product made with all-natural extracts, proteins and healthy oil. Our promise to consumers is to deliver that delicious taste which spreads moments of love at breakfast and other occasions. That is why we are re-inviting consumers to not only “taste love in every scoop” but to share it”.

Withstanding over 80 years of quality and trusted consumer experience, Bama Mayonnaise which is developed in the USA continues to provide matchless tasty and delicious nourishment that transforms eating experiences across the world.

About GBfoods Nigeria

GBfoods has a wide range of quality well-established brands in Nigeria such as Gino, Bama and Jago, under which they manufacture a wide range of quality products that make the daily lives of many African families easier. Products under their brands include Gino Tomatoes Mix; Gino Pepper Onion, Gino Thyme; Gino Curry; Gino Chicken and Beef Cubes; Bama Mayonnaise as well as Jago Mayonnaise.

GBfoods investments aim to satisfy local culinary habits and preferences whilst offering the healthiest and best ingredients for the Nigerian cuisine.

About Bama Mayonnaise

The Bama mayonnaise recipe was developed in the United States of America over 80 years ago and has continued to expand across Africa. On 20th April, 2020, the first batch of locally produced Bama mayonnaise was rolled out in its new state-of-the-art mayonnaise factory located in Ogun state.

Bama satisfies the most demanding African palates with its exquisite taste, accompanying some of the most traditional local recipes and it is currently a top seller in many African countries including Nigeria.

The rich history of the spread is the foundation on which the brand has been built. Bama is that taste that spreads moments of Love driven by its “the unique delicious taste” experienced when applied to bread, sandwiches with fresh vegetables and other meals mayonnaise is typically eaten with.

In summary core to the Bama brand is the improved taste it brings to meals, the act of spreading love and bonding it brings to mealtimes and the rich heritage and history it upholds, thus bringing premium quality mayonnaise to Nigerian and African home.