Omnicom Group wins Global Deal with Allianz

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Omnicom Group signed a global multi-year agreement with insurer Allianz for creative development and production services.

Omnicom, through a master framework agreement will produce work for Allianz on a global and local level, offering creative solutions to activate the global brand strategy for the more than 70 countries that Allianz operates in.

Allianz is a global financial services company with annual revenue of $US140 billion, operating profit of $US10.8 billion and 150,000 employees.

The global relationship will be managed by the “A-Lab”, a multi-disciplinary team of leaders who will lead, direct and align all brand activities from a strategy, creative, audience and data perspective.

The Executive vice president at Omnicom Group, Asit Mehra, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Allianz to further strengthen its brand, with a focus on increasing its role in the lives of consumers around the world.”

“We’re leveraging Omnicom’s global scale and stand-out creativity to create a nimble, flexible and bespoke solution, led by the ‘A-Lab’. With the full power of Omnicom being tapped, we’re ready to help Allianz continue building prominence worldwide.”

The agreement with Omnicom comes after an intense pitch process involving a number of industry competitors and several months of deliberation.

Omnicom will kick off its creative solutions for Allianz in the second quarter of 2021.