Cadbury Nigeria Launches TomTom Freshlime

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Cadbury Nigeria Plc has reinforced its leadership of the Nigerian candy market with the introduction of TomTom Freshlime, the latest variant of its iconic TomTom candy brand.

Described as ‘Cool with a Zing’, TomTom Freshlime is a lemon-green candy, with white stripes that offers the taste buds an exciting sensory experience of the freshness of lime and the coolness for which TomTom is known for.

Speaking at the media launch held at the premises of the company in Ikeja, Yimika Adeboye, the Managing Director, Cadbury West Africa, revealed that the addition of TomTom Freshlime to the TomTom family is a response to feedback from consumers for more innovative products and part of the company’s innovation strategy, staying true to its mandate to deliver world-class snacking experience.

Frederick Mordi, the Head of Corporate and Government Affairs, Cadbury West Africa, in his welcome address, expressed delight in the brand which has come a long way and maintained a strong dominance in the candy market.

Referring to Philip Kotler, the ‘Father of Marketing,’ who said it is no longer enough to satisfy customers, but that they must be delighted, Mordi assured all that the company will continue to create value for its consumers by seeking creative ways to delight them.

Adebola Williams, the Category Lead, Gum and Candy, Cadbury West Africa, in her remarks thanked consumers for helping to make TomTom a resounding success and globally recognisable brand.

According to her, the introduction of TomTom Freshlime is in response to the call of consumers for soothing relief with a blend of trusted Tom Tom menthol flavour and zing of lime. Llime is one of the more popular ingredients utilised by Nigerians to soothe sore throat and cough.

Since the introduction of the classic black and white striped TomTom in 1970, Tom Tom Honey lemon and TomTom Strawberry variants have been introduced into the market.

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