DLM Asset Management Continues to Educate Nigerians on Financial Growth

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DLM Capital Group

DLM Asset management, a subsidiary of a leading investment firm, DLM Capital Group recently hosted a webinar themed, “How To Grow Your Money In Difficult Times”, which was designed to educate their clients, prospective clients, and the entire public on how to grow and preserve their wealth in difficult times.

The virtual session was necessary given the urgent circumstances in Nigeria at the moment, where unemployment and inflation are at all-time highs and insecurity is posing a severe danger to economic growth and stability.

The session provided a platform for panelists to discuss solutions and strategies on how to find growth and value in a volatile economy.

Commenting on the Session, George Aniegbunem, Head, DLM Asset Management stated that:

“In critical times such as this, investors must avoid holding idle assets. In fact, all assets must be actively deployed with optimal efficiency in order to avoid asset deterioration due to inflation.

“As such, a typical solution to this is the DLM Fixed Income Fund, a mutual fund that provides investors the opportunity to earn decent returns from their funds that ordinarily should yield so little when left in a typical bank account”.

Furthermore, adding her thoughts to the session, Ekanem Etim, vice president at DLM Advisory, also spoke about investing opportunities, associated risks, and the significance of seeking advice from an investment professional, mostly in uncertain times like this. She stated that:

“It is important for investors to understand the underlying risks of an investment opportunity before taking any investment decision. As such, individual Investors will benefit greatly from seeking professional advice as they grow their wealth, mostly in challenging moments like this.”

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