Globacom Emerges The 2020 Most Popular Corporate Brand in Nigeria – Top 50 Brands

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According to the 2020 edition of the annual brand evaluation in Nigeria report which is published by Top 50 Brands a brand and marketing research firm, Globacom emerged the most popular corporate brand in Nigeria for the year 2020.

Glo as it is fondly called achieved 89 percent mentions in the Top of the Mind (TOM) survey (a test of respondent’s knowledge, affinity, and ability to recall brand names).

This outcome places Globacom ahead of competitors and other popular brands like MTN, GTBank, Dangote, Coca-Cola Nigeria, First Bank, UBA, etc in terms of popularity.

As stated in the report, “Top of the Mind brands are the most remembered or easily recalled brand names. They are the ones that get customers excited and participate in their marketing. This has earned them an increasing mind share over time”.

Equally interesting is the fact that 78 percent of respondents chose Globacom as number one among the top 10 brands they could recall, (even though this wasn’t mentioned as a factor during the exercise).

And 11 percent of the respondents mentioned Globacom among their top 10, adding up to 89 percent. An indication of strong visual cue and popularity that the Glo brand enjoys.

Overall, 45 percent, equivalent to 27 of the 60 most popular brands in Nigeria in 2020 were Nigerian, while 33 were multinational.

Justifying this accomplishment, HKLM the branding and design agency that conceptualized Glo’s original name, positioning, identity and visual language in 2003 said,

“Glo’s brand communication celebrates every aspect of Nigerian culture, including sponsoring the national football team, the Super Eagles; the nation’s football premier league, celebrating the Nobel Laureate for Literature, Wole Soyinka; and featuring a multitude of Nigerian musicians, actors, and comedians in marketing communications to showcase Nigeria’s rich cultural diversity. Its popularity shouldn’t be a surprise.”

In the same vein, Bunmi Oke, CEO, Ladybird Advertising, former President of Association of Advertising Agency of Nigeria, AAAN, and former council member of APCON said

“For close to two decades, Globacom has been a prominent part of the Nigeria space. They have been relentless in their support for Nigerian arts and sport; about the 2 most engaging human activities. They have many of the prominent faces and celebrities as brand ambassadors, strategic partnership and sponsorship of the most popular cultural festivals across the country, having the World heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua on their endorsement list, etc. These are strategic brand positionings that are sure to positively affect mindshare. They are a well-known face, give it to them. I believe they earned it”.

In his contribution, Charles Jenarius of Globacom said

“Brand building is an art as well as a science. In Glo, we ensure that both these aspects receive equal importance and focus. And when this is practiced consistently and relentlessly, 365 days in a year, there is no limit to what heights can be scaled.

“It is both gratifying and fulfilling, for the team, that today Glo is being rated as the most popular brand in Nigeria”.

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