Vitafoam’s Subsidiary, Vitavisco to Unveil New Product

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Risks associated with maintenance of fragile electronic items and other goods in Nigeria will soon be over as Vitavisco, a subsidiary of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc is at the advanced stage of adding a new product, polyethylene (PE) to its product offerings.

Polyethylene, a durable, lightweight, resilient and closed-cell material, is often used for protective packaging of goods due to its excellent vibration, dampening and insulation properties.

The company’s General Manager, Mr. Joseph Musa, who explained that polyethylene has multipurpose use, including industrial customers, stated that the company would continue to comply with international standards in its product offerings.

“Vitavisco is a pioneer in all the products and solutions currently in the Nigeria market. We recognise that we are in competition with imported brands.

“We promise our existing and potential customers that as a local company with global ambitions, we shall deploy at all times appropriate technology to offer products that meets international quality and safety standards at the right price.

“The product is used by makers of school bags, travel bags and Insulation products for air conditioner drain pipes. It is ideal for use as an expansion, contraction, and isolation joint in swimming pool decks, gutter work, floor slabs, pavement patch repair, sidewalks, driveways, plazas, parking decks, highways, and airports. The product enhances cooling of roofs. It is useful in comfort homes and shopping mauls.

“Similar products by the company targeted at the industrial customers are molded high resilience foams used for automotive seating such as in motorcycles, tricycles and passenger buses.

“Others also include molded high resilience foams for a seat, back and head supports used in office chairs and other upholstered furniture applications,” said Musa.

The new Polythene foam products are designed to meet a variety of needs, especially for companies with high-impact machines, vibration damping, and machine soundproofing.

The products provide covers for agricultural produce while offering different packaging services for medical, automobile, and transport services.

The Polythene foam materials have superb strength with resistance, flexible and excellent shock absorber and vibration dampening properties. It is non-dusting, resistant to water, chemicals, solvents, and cost-effective with best thermal insulation properties

Vitavisco is a manufacturing company which uses polymer technology to provide solutions for lifestyle, home and industrial needs. The company’s range of memory foam pillows are gradually becoming first choice sleep solution for many discerning consumers across the country.

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