New PayTV, Moreplex, Set TO Debut in Nigeria

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A new pay TV service provider company Moreplex TV is set to disrupt the payTV markets in Nigeria.

This was made known recently in a chat with some journalists in Lagos.

According to the President/Chief Executive Officer of Moreplex TV John Okorocha:

“We are set to break into the existing tough pay-TV markets by providing the consumers, in addition to what they are already getting, indigenous contents that reflect the Nigerian tradition and culture at a very reasonable price, we will provide flexible payment that will make it easy for the consumers to sign on, at prices so low and so flexible that they will continue to subscribe, we basically will be giving control back to where it belongs, which are the subscribers.”

“We are focusing on the economics of number to succeed in the Pay TV business. With our platform, there will not be any need for anyone to purchase a decoder and not use it. Consumers can also return their decoders for a refund, as long as it is in good working condition, we do not think that it is right for Nigerians to purchase many decoders, only for them not to use them but continue to accumulate dust. We will use price and quality indigenous contents to keep our customers, we are very confident that our product will be so good that no one will want to reject our service, and that is why we are willing to give you back your money after you have made a purchase.” Okorocha explained.

“Moreplex TV has designed any sort of flexibility that you can think of, we have channels grouped into the traditional packages that most people already know. We have Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly pay for the packages, we also have a la carte payment per channel per day. That means that someone can choose to watch a particular channel in any particular day, we also have Pay Per View, in terms premium contents, like brand new cinema movies, live sporting events, and so on, all will be at affordable prices,” he added.

Okorocha, who is also the Chairman 9Ja Ltd. Lagos, the parent company of 9ja-TV, a pidgin English television station mentioned some of the unique channels from Moreplex TV that customers will be enjoying.

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