Wander Coal Unveiled As Legend Extra Stout Brand Ambassador

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Legend Extra Stout, the renowned brand known for its bold and distinctive smoothness, has unveiled music sensation, Wande Coal as its newest brand ambassador.

The official unveiling ceremony occurred on 1 July, marking a significant milestone for Wande Coal and the iconic stout brand.

Wande Coal, a celebrated artist known for his exceptional talent and soulful melodies, has garnered a loyal following with his blend of Afrobeat and R&B.

His musical journey and commitment to excellence perfectly align with the values and spirit of Legend Extra Stout.

The unveiling event at Crossroads, Eko Hotel, welcomed notable figures from the music industry, esteemed guests, media representatives, and enthusiastic fans.

Anticipation filled the air as attendees eagerly awaited the official announcement, witnessing the grand unveiling of Wande Coal as the newest face of Legend Extra Stout.

During the event, Maria Shadeko, Portfolio Manager, Flavored, Non-Lager, and Craft, Nigerian Breweries Plc., took the stage to share insights into selecting Wande Coal as the brand ambassador.

She emphasized Wande Coal’s exceptional musical talent, authenticity, and ability to connect profoundly with fans. These qualities make him the perfect representative for Legend Extra Stout.

Expressing his gratitude for the partnership, Wande Coal conveyed his admiration for the Legend Extra Stout brand and its commitment to delivering an unparalleled stout experience.

He expressed his excitement for the collaboration, highlighting his dedication to bringing his unique blend of talent and passion to the brand.

The appointment of Wande Coal as the brand ambassador signifies the beginning of an exciting chapter for Legend Extra Stout.

Through this partnership, the brand aims to strengthen its connection with consumers further, create unforgettable experiences, and celebrate the legendary moments that define our lives.

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