Mamador Celebrates Fried Rice Day With Its Seasoning Cubes

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It is absolutely fascinating to know you can prepare variants of fried rice without tumeric and curry, and still get the expected appeal and great taste in one dish.

Mamador proved that with its new brand of cooking seasoning cubes, during a masterclass, organized by the brand to celebrate the National Fried Rice Day.

The Fried Rice Day celebration provided the Mamador brand the opportunity to demonstrate and showcase the health and taste benefits of the Mamador seasoning cubes.

The Master Class sessions featured two celebrity chefs and food bloggers, Ifeyinwa Mogekwu of Ify’s Kitchen and Winifred Emmanuel of Zeelicious Foods, who engaged the audience on unique, tasty, yet healthy ways of preparing their favourite variants of fried rice dishes.

Guests at the event were educated on the important role the Mamador seasoning cubes play in the preparation of the various fried rice dishes, as it provided a perfect substitute for key spices such as turmeric or curry with even better results, especially the Chicken variant which was specially formulated to give best Fried Rice and Curry appeal.

Speaking at the event was Ipsit Chakrabarti, Deputy Managing Director, PZ Wilmar Ltd., who reiterated the company’s commitment to providing Nigerians with healthier and tastier cooking options.

“We want to enliven and encourage tasty healthy nutrition amongst Nigerians, and most importantly demystify the myth around healthy meals.

Many people think that they cannot enjoy both, but the truth is that with Mamador they can. This event provided us opportunity to demonstrate this possibility and we are quite pleased that our guests enjoyed the meals by our Chefs and also learned healthier options of cooking which for us is the ultimate goal,” he said.

Guests present at the event were also treated to sumptuous meals of the varieties of the popular fried rice dish as they joined many others around the world to celebrate the Fried Rice Day.

Toyin Popoola-Dania, Category Development and Activation Manager, PZ Wilmar, added, “Mamador is committed to providing food that is healthy for you and tastes good as well. So we fortify our high quality products with essential vitamins & minerals. We are here to walk you through your desire for more rewarding meals breaking all the myths around healthy meals.”

Toyin emphasized the significance of the Fried Rice Day celebration, saying that rice as a dish is quite popular to Nigerians and the Master class sessions was a way of enhancing the preparation and enjoyment of the fried rice delicacy.

According to her, the company ventured into the seasoning category to offer Nigerians a healthier, much valuable and affordable options, something different from the norm.

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