Meet Afolayan Temitayo; the beautiful lady behind Otrek, A Trekking App

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Afolayan Temitayo is a graduate of Mass Communication, Olabisi Onabanjo University who happens to love singing, watching movies, outings with friends.

She recently thought of bringing out a good concept on connecting people through trekking and ever since she tweeted about the concept on Twitter, with the tweet having over 15,000 likes and over 6,000 retweets on Twitter, it has been talk of the town.

In this interview, Temitayo talks about how she is going to execute her plans for Otrek and more. Enjoy the interview with Temitayo and CEO Exclusiveclue, Lexzai.

Did your outings with friends brought the idea of Otrek?

Actually, no. I just randomly thought about it.

Looking at how people reacted positively to the tweet, what are the things you’ve done to make Otrek a reality?

Working with a developer already. I intend to make the app a reality because of the number of feedbacks I got.

I want to create an app for broke people. I’ll call it Otrek, it will help you search for fellow broke people in your vicinity when you don’t have bike money, so y’all can link up and trek to your destination in groups. 😌

— Star 💫 (@Taymietee_) September 18, 2019

Due to the insecurity issues in Nigeria, what are the security or preventive measures you’re going to take for people to feel more secure when they connect with people on Otrek?

Yes I know there’d be security issues and we’d definitely work on that aspect. Can’t say much on that for now but it will be put into consideration.

The O is for ORGANIZED. That is “Organized Trek’. I don’t know what the o in Opay stands for so I can’t say it was inspired by them.

Have any agency messaged about working on your idea and are you willing to sell your app ideas to any company that is ready to pay a huge amount of money?

Developers, tech workers and the likes reached out but I already got who I need so I declined other offers. Nothing about buying the idea yet, I haven’t gotten that.

A user tagged Otrek ‘The innovative app that will make trekking fun’; how would you make money by making trekking fun? Or are you trying to make it a voluntary app?

We’ll work on monetizing it. Can’t give details until then.

Since Otrek would be connecting people, do you see Otrek as a means of getting people into relationship; something like dating?

Lol, yes something like that can come off it. But it’s not basically a dating app, I just feel when people connect, things like that tend to happen. Eventually, it might lead to getting people into relationship.

Also, would Otrek be nationwide or just Lagos?

I’m dreaming big, bigger than Lagos. Bigger than one country.

If people/organizations wants to contact you, where can they contact you?

They can contact me on Twitter/Instagram: @Taymietee_

Source: Exclusiveclue

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