Mikano Motors Add Changan Brands to Offerings In Nigeria

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Mikano Motors, a member of Mikano International, has added Changan brands into its automobile offering, becoming the exclusive distributor of Changan brands in Nigeria.

Changan is joining the Geely brands, ZNA pickups, and Maxus, all under its portfolio.

At the unveiling of the Changan brands, including CS35, CS85, CS95, Eado DT, yesterday, the General Manager, Mikano Motors, Ralph Haidar explained that Mikano added Changan into its portfolio because of the quality of Changan brands.

He said introducing Changan brands does not mean an end to the Geely partnership, adding that Mikano and Geely remain strong partners.

According to him, Mikano has plans in future to bring in more brands in order to grow its market share in the automotive market.

“For now, we have four brands but in future, we are bringing more brands and we continue to partner with brands globally renowned for quality, aesthetics, ruggedness that we cherish as Mikano Motors,” he said.

Already, Mikano has recorded over 500 pre-introduction units from several clients including the state government, banks, and construction companies.

“This is a brand that uses technology of modern vehicles. Changan is one of the best brands in the world with high quality design. We are starting with the CS35.

“We will be launching the Sedan soon and we have many models of Changan we would be launching in the year. Changan in West Africa is the second best selling automobile apart from Toyota,” he said.

National Sales Manager, Mikano Motors, Chijioke Mbonu, gave guests an insight into the sales performance of the Changan brand since its arrival at Mikano Motors, revealing that “the trust that clients have for the Mikano name has played a huge part in ensuring that sales of over 500 units have been made to Government parastatals, corporate organizations and individuals within the past three months under the presale terms.”

Operations Manager for Mikano Motors, Syam Abdulkadir, shared that the company is prepared to handle customers from all the brands under Mikano Motors, with a 3S model that ensures that from the point of sale and throughout their auto journey, they will have peace of mind and the assurance of the all the benefits of the Mikano Motors value proposition. He also made it clear that the brand has already put measures in place for expansion of facilities as needed.

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