Tiger Woods’ Comeback: 7 Marketing Lessons Brands Can Learn

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Story Telling
Interestingly, one brand that has stayed dearly with Tiger Woods in the midst of his challenges while other brands parted ways with him is Nike and upon winning his 15th title, the brand recently celebrated him with a new campaign.

The video by Wieden & Kennedy, called “Tiger Woods: Same Dream,” was shared on social media just moments after Woods won his first major championship since 2008.

It included glimpses of the 43-year-old’s on-course ups and downs, and ended with old footage from Woods’ childhood, when he predicted that “I’m going to beat Jack Nicklaus.”

That is seemingly a reference to Woods now being within three major tournament wins of Nicklaus’ all-time record of 18 major titles.

The power of storytelling helps customers connect with your brand. So, brands need to tell their success stories in a remarkable way.

Interestingly, for Nike, the brand was quick to create ad for the Golf icon, making the brand to trend and look seamless in its delivery. The creative simply made everyone a winner-Woods, Nike, and fans.

So, the lesson is brands should be prepared to take advantage of current trends and opportunities to engage with customers.

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