Tiger Woods’ Comeback: 7 Marketing Lessons Brands Can Learn

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Never Walk Alone
For brands on overcoming challenges, his comeback explains that there is need to gather inner strength, work closely with partners and stakeholders that could help you solve the crisis you might be facing whether reputational crisis or decline in sales.

Woods’ success is attributed to the support from his girlfriend, family and friends.

Recall last year Wally Goodwin, Tiger’s old coach at Stanford University in California, said there was “new calmness” about Tiger, and suggested Erica (girlfriend) might be the reason.

He added: “Something has fundamentally changed. There is a difference in the way he walks and carries himself.”

After winning his Masters, Woods acknowledged the power of team work and the support he received from coach, family and friends by saying ‘’we did it’’ not “I did it”.

Brands should learn to create a stronger bond with the inner and external public.

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